Hair Extensions

Get the appearance of thicker and longer hair with extensions.

As Bristol hair extensions and weave specialists, Comforts Hairbraiding has a variety of hair extensions styling methods to suit your goal and budget.

Here are some of the styles that await you at Comforts…

Hair weave

A cornrow foundation is braided on the scalp then hair extensions are added foundation. Clients are able to leave some, most or none of their hair out (depending on individual choice). Hair weaves are suitable for anyone that wants the appearance of thicker or longer hair without having to leave a lot of their natural hair out. Get the appearance of thicker and longer hair with hair extensions.

Micro Bonding

Small pieces of hair extensions are added to sections of the client’s natural hair with a special adhesive. The result is natural looking hair with versatile styling options and can be parted in almost any direction. Micro bonding is not suitable for Afro hair and works best on European and Asian hair types.

Individual Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be added to individual sections of the clients hair as desired. Either loose hair extensions can be attached to the areas needing more body or length or hair extensions can be braided into the natural hair for individual hair braids.

These are just some of the hair extensions style options – contact us to know more

About Hair Extensions

There are two types of hair extensions- human hair and synthetic. Both types are available for purchase at Comforts. To help you decide which type is more suitable for you here is a break down of the features for human and synthetic hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions

• 100% refined human hair
• Premium and light weight texture
• Versatile- human hair extensions can be rolled and tonged and straightened
• Can be re-used
• Loose bundles for braiding, weaving, bonding hair extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

• Made from natural fibres
• Economical
• Braided styles can be sealed at the tips for a neat finish
• Loose bundles for braiding and weaving

Wigs and Hair Pieces

• Available in human hair and synthetic hair
• Fast and versatile style solution to suit any occasion
• Human hair wigs and hairpieces can be heat styled
• All wigs and hair pieces are re-usable

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