cornrowed-hairComforts Hairbraiding was one of the first natural and hairbraiding salons in Bristol. We started off providing hairbraiding services – hence our name. Today hairbraiding remains one of our signature services.

What is Hairbraiding?

Our hairbraiding services are suitable for all ethnicities, all ages and all genders because we offer a wide range of hairbraiding styles. Whether you require chic individual micro-braids with human hair extensions, funky twists or simple and striking cornrows braids are a simple and low maintenance way of wearing your hair while helping it to grow.

If you are new to hairbraiding- there are fundamentally two different methods of braiding hair; by individual hairbraiding (also known as “singles”) or ¬†“cornrows” (also known as “canerows”).

Individual Hairbraiding / Singles

A small section of the hair is parted and the hair is braided from the root downwards to form individual strands.

Cornrows (or Canerows)

A plaited foundation is corn rowed (flat braided) onto the scalp so that it lays flat on the head.


Contact Comforts braidmasters today to find out about our hairbraiding services. No style is too complex for our expert braidmasters!

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